Prophetic Dream – The Rise of Donald


In the fall of 2014, I set aside a day to fast in which I visited Washington Oaks State Park, a place known for its majestic oaks and beautiful garden. Though this is the place where my wife Kristyn and I were married, I chose to spend the day there because it’s peaceful atmosphere is ideal for fellowship with God. As well, the property is prophetically significant being previously owned by a descendant of George Washington, hence the name. After spending the day walking through the park’s garden and bringing many requests before the Lord, I returned home. That night I had an alarming dream that I believe contains a message for the Body of Christ in America.

The Entertaining Show

The dream took place inside of a large theme park similar to one you would find in Orlando and began as I found myself walking through a crowded corridor. After a brief moment, it opened up into a massive amphitheater that appeared to be one of the park’s main places for entertaining it’s visitors. As I walked in I could see that it was already packed with thousands of people watching some type of live performance so I took a place standing in the back and began to watch. 

The first thing I noticed was that the audience was unusually enthusiastic and seemed so engaged in the show that they didn’t want to miss a detail. And even though I was looking toward the stage, I could barely see anything for all of the people, some of whom carried children on their shoulders.

I then caught a brief glimpse of a woman standing center stage. She appeared to be one of the lead performers as she was talking into a microphone and seemed to be narrating the show. I was also aware that there were several others on stage near her, but I couldn’t see them for the dense crowd. Still, even though I wasn’t able to distinguish exactly what was taking place I felt quite taken in by the overall excitement of the event.

It quickly became clear to me that the longer the show went on, both the more entertaining, and distracting, it became. After a while, the stage itself began to be slowly lifted up by two huge hydraulic arms that lifted it higher and higher above the crowd. And along with the elevation of the stage, it seemed that the crowd’s enthusiasm rose accordingly.

At this point I began to be able to see better and so my attention was turned to a man sitting at an enormous drum-set. I hadn’t noticed him before as he was positioned alone in a dark corner, almost as if hidden. Yet, even though he was far from the bright lights of center stage I clearly recognized him as a pastor from my local community named Donald. 

I noticed that his drum-set was oddly positioned at the front edge of the stage, as opposed to the back, where a drummer would normally be. I also noticed that it was turned around, as if he were a spectator, so that he faced the center of the stage with his back mainly to the audience. He kept a solid rhythm on the drums but at the same time enthusiastically watched the show with a big grin. Because of this he seemed more like a member of the audience than a performer in the show even though he was on stage.

By this point, the hydraulics had lifted the stage as high as the ceiling would allow it to go while the show progressed toward a crescendo.

Suddenly, three dirt-bike riders appeared near Donald and began noisily flying around inside of a round metal track similar to something you might see in a circus. They flew back and forth buzzing each other by inches until one of the riders fell down. I intuitively knew that this rider was in danger of being run over. Even so, one of the others quickly stopped and helped the rider back up. It was a classic, “the show must go on” moment, and everyone waited to see what would happen next.

My attention then turned again to Donald. However, this time when I looked at him I noticed that his drum-set was on its own small platform that didn’t seem to be connected to the rest of the stage. It was also being lifted up by hydraulic arms, however, instead of having only two, it had four. As well, even though the amphitheater was covered by a tall ceiling, it seemed to have disappeared in his corner allowing him to be lifted far above everyone else. He actually rose so high that all I could see behind him was the sky. He had now gone from being virtually unnoticed to being the most exalted part of the show. And from his new perch, he began to pound away on his drums with an even greater intensity for all to see. 

By this point, the crowd stood mesmerized by the events of this bizarre, yet incredibly entertaining show. And it was at this moment, while completely focused on the show, that the dream shifted dramatically as I turned to see something of the greatest importance going on just behind the scenes.

The Emergency

It seemed that in my entertainment induced trance I had totally forgotten that I was in this place with my wife Kristyn. In fact, the only reason I remembered that she was with me was because I briefly glanced around at the crowd and noticed her. Kristyn, whose name literally means “In Christ” and is a New Testament term for members of the Body of Christ, was not even a stones throw away. 

The moment I saw her horror came over me. She appeared to be far along in pregnancy as her stomach bulged as if ready to pop. Even more, she was down on the ground having some kind of severe emergency related to the pregnancy.

Suddenly, a heart-wrenching feeling of shame and conviction came over me as I realized how badly she was suffering while I was being distracted by the show. I thought silently for a moment. How could this have possibly happened? How could I be standing here so distracted while my wife was in such need?

Though my heart was shattered, it lasted only a moment, then quickly morphed into a sense of resolve to help that was just as strong as the shame. I then quickly moved in her direction feeling only devotion to help.

When I arrived, I noticed that both my aunt and mother were already there attending to her. Still, Kristyn appeared totally helpless as she silently sat there staring off into space.

My aunt then approached me saying, “She’s already eight months along … the muscles are separating. Call for help!”. Upon hearing this I immediately prepared to go for help, however, as I took a final glance at Kristyn, I noticed that it was worse than I had realized. The muscles in her lower stomach were literally tearing apart from left to right. In fact, the tear was so deep I could easily see it through her clothing. 

Suddenly, an intuition came over me in which I knew that this emergency was on the verge of sending her into premature labor, which in turn had the possibility of devastating both her and the baby. I also knew that she needed her stomach muscles to be working correctly in order to succeed in labor. 

At this point, I ran for help as my mind tried to grasp the seriousness of her condition.

The Call for Help

I quickly arrived at a help desk where I met two men with very different character’s. The first one was a middle-aged gay man who seemed surprisingly childish, and even underdeveloped in character. Though he was not actually in the show, he seemed like one of the performers as he spoke with me. I even noticed a dash of green dye in his hair that added to his overall appearance as a hipster. The second man was younger, but seemed more mature and genuine in character. I noticed that he carefully listened to the conversation between myself and his co-worker as he continued working.

“Call for help now!” I demanded of the hipster. However, even though my tone was serious, he made no attempt to call for help. In fact, his childish demeanor didn’t change even the slightest. To my amazement, he just playfully joked and smiled concerning my request. It was literally as if he was in a trance that rendered him unable to register the weight of the situation. 

I stood there for a moment, feeling as if the outcome of my wife’s emergency, and even possibly her life, was in his hands. And once again, the emotion I felt shifted rapidly as the sense of devotion to help changed into an anger that is hard to describe. Fiery indignation arose in the depths of my soul as I thought about my wife and child dying because of this man’s irreverence. At this point another intuition came over me in which I knew that if I returned to find that he hadn’t made the call for help, leaving my wife and child to disaster, that he would be held fully accountable for his negligence.

In ending, though I wasn’t present to see whether the man made the call or not, I felt a little hope that it would be made. Even so, it wasn’t because I believed that he was responsible enough to make the call alone, but because the other younger worker could offer accountability and help guide him. Even more, though I was left feeling a degree of hope, the sense of concern and warning I felt was just as strong. 

I then turned again to help Kristyn and the dream ended.